Grievance Procedure


Note:  At-large members should skip to Section X.

I. The Grievance Committee shall consist of five members in good standing. The local AFT president shall appoint the members of the Committee to three-year terms. The Committee will elect its chair by a majority vote of its members.

II. The Grievance Committee shall meet at the direction of the chair, most usually when the chair has been notified of a grievance that should be heard.

III. Grievants are required to present their cases before the Grievance Committee. They may be represented by legal counsel and counsel may speak about the case.

IV. (a) If the grievant is an AFT member in good standing; (b) if the grievance has cleared the grievant’s department/secopm; and (c) if the grievant has retained an attorney; then $300 shall be paid to the grievant.

V. If the grievant is not an AFT member, then the Committee is required to rule on the merits of the case. If the Committee rules in favor of the case, and if conditions (b) and (c) above are also met, then $300 shall be paid to the grievant.

VI. The chair of the Grievance Committee shall communicate the results of its decisions to the President in writing with a copy to the Treasurer.

VII. The Committee chair should communicate with the grievant on a regular basis in order to assess the current state of the case.

VIII. Any additional legal aid must be decided at a full membership meeting. Additional meetings of the Grievance Committee may be necessary to reconsider the case. By a majority vote the Committee will decide to present the case to the membership. The members shall rule on the merits of the case and vote additional legal aid by a majority vote.

IX. Legal aid from the IFT Defense Fund will require that the local contact the IFT President and the case will then be discussed at a IFT Executive Council meeting.

X. At-Large IFT members may contact the IFT President and if conditions a-c have been met, then the IFT President shall instruct the IFT Secretary-Treasurer to send a check for $300. All other stipulations above apply except the IFT
president, rather than the local president, will handle the case. Any further legal aid will require full discussion by the IFT Executive Council.

XI. Grievants who receive monetary settlements in their cases shall repay the AFT for legal aid to the extent that the settlement requires.